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1. What if I don’t want my kids playing certain type of games?
Answer: We have a variety of games rated from E to M and usually our game coach will ask the host if there are any restrictions on games. If not feel free to let us know in advance when you book.
2. Are food or beverages allowed inside of the game truck?
Answer: Sorry, but we do not allow any sort of food, candy or beverages inside of the game truck, there are too many electronics inside.
3. What happens if it is raining or really hot?
Answer: Our game trucks are fully insulated & climate controlled. we have A/C & heaters inside to keep you cool or warm. Rain or shine we will still be there. PLEASE NOTE: At times expect delays while it’s raining due to being careful on the road & accidents happening. (if it’s raining or begins to rain during a party we will not be able to open the outside TV’s in order to protect electronics.
4. How much is it to book an event & deposit?
Answer: Prices vary depending on the day of the week you choose. Please check the prices & features section for more info on our prices. The deposit will be $100 for any type of event, and the balance can be paid at the event.
5. What’s your cancellation policy?
Answer: Rescheduling is always an option & won’t cost extra to reschedule. Cancellations made 21 or more days prior to the day of the event will not result in any fees & we will gladly issue a full refund. Cancellations made 20 or less days prior to the day of the event will result in forfeiture of deposit, unless a reschedule is arranged.
6. What type of payments are accepted?
Answer: Cash and all major credit cards, debit cards & PAYPAL. (FOR RETURNING CUSTOMERS CHECKS CAN BE ACCEPTED)
7. How big of a parking spot do we need?
Answer: Our game truck is about 55″ long we ask that you provide at least 3 to 4 cars’ worth of parking space.
8. How long will it take to setup everything once you arrive?
Answer: Once we have parked in place & opened the door, setup usually will take a few minutes. Doesn’t take long at all.
9. What if there are more than 28 gamers?
Answer: If there’s more than 28 gamers then we will try to take shifts to allow everyone to play, it’s up to the host to determine the amount of game play each gamer gets. We will also have Nintendo Ds Consoles & SONY PSP Consoles available for those gamers that are waiting for a turn to play.
10. What happens to my starting time if my guests don’t move their vehicles on time?
Answer: Our Game Coach will call the event host a few minutes prior to arrival. That way your guests will have enough time to move their vehicles. We usually have several events each day so please keep in mind that we can’t provide that much time to wait. Upon arrival if game coach has to wait more than 5 minutes for vehicles to be moved than he/she will begin the start time for the event. If your event is the last and/or only event that day then there’s no need to rush moving your vehicles.
11. Can I bring my own games to play?
Answer: We have a huge library of games & you can request a certain game at the time of booking your event, but if we don’t have a certain game then you are more than welcome to bring your own game.
12. What are the parking requirements?
Answer: Parking space must be reserved & ready for us to park in upon arrival. If any parking permits or special requirements are needed for your area they must be secured by the host prior to the date of the event.
13. Can you park in my driveway or in a tight space?
Answer: We do not allow our drivers to park in a driveway or tight space unless a waiver is signed before the event begins, also our driver will have to determine if he/she will be able to make it. If parking in a driveway is your only option, please let us know beforehand to look up the location & see what we can arrange.
14. Will game trailer be unhooked from the truck?
Answer: No, our game trailer will always stay attached to our truck, unless someone books the game truck all day long then maybe something can be arranged.
15. Is it required to tip the game coach?
Answer: Tipping is never required but will be appreciated. Our game coaches try to work hard to make your event as pleasant as possible, also they always try to make it on time for your event & other events that day as well. On some days our game coach drivers work from 10 to 14 hours.
16. Does a host or an adult need to be present during event?
Answer: Every event will have our game coach supervise & help out kids. Upon arrival, we need to talk to the host before the event begins just to get an introduction between our driver & host, also to know what type of event it is & what games are they allowed to play. We do recommend adults playing as well, to have fun & interact with their kids. Also it would be best to have an adult within range of the game truck in case our game coach needs to get in contact with an adult.
17. Do I need to provide any equipment or power for the game truck?
Answer: Not at all, our game trucks are fully equipped to power our truck, along with all of our electronics. We provide all consoles & games as well. Outside seating up to 12 seats are provided by us as well.
18. How many gamers can play at once?
Answer: We can accommodate up to 28 gamers at once, 16 inside & 12 outside, (seating provided for outside gamers at no additional cost). We also carry handheld dsi & psp systems for any kids wanting to play those.
 Seven 55″ Smart TV’s
8th TV To Display A Birthday Message
28+ Gamers/Kids At Once Inside & Out
3 Huge Gaming Stations Outside
Free Pictures Taken With Our Canon DSRL Camera
Seating Provided Outside (Up To 12 Seats)
Illusion/Infinity Mirrors Inside (Don’t Get Lost In Them)
PS4-XBOX-WII-CLASSIC Super Nintendo (For Those Old School Fans)
Handheld Devises Such As 3DS & PSP Systems
Kicker Speakers With Subs Inside To Feel That Party Atmosphere
Sound Bar With Sub On Each TV Outside

Select The Games You’d Like Ahead Of Time
iPOD Connection To Play Your Own Music
AC/Heater Inside For Cold Or Hot Days
Additional LED Lights Inside & Outside
Wireless Game Controllers
Watch NetFlix Thru Our Smart TV’s
Play Your Prepared Slideshow On Our Smart TV’s
We Offer Free Game Play At Random Locations
Keeping Consoles & Games Up-To-Date
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