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Arcade Truck for birthday parties outside

Video Game Truck Gallery

Check out Level Up Game Truck’s awesome set up! With infinity mirrors, lighting, multiple systems,
tons of video games, and seating for up to 28 players. See how cool it is in our climate-controlled video game truck.

All displays showing on outside of arcade truck Game Truck Screens showing various amges Level Up Game Truck with Beautiful Los Angeles Sky ready to party Arcade Truck Ready To Pull Up At Speedway IMG_0255 Fun Game Truck Party at All Times

You can see Level Up Game Truck has clear experience in the video game party industry.
|We strive for a professionally engineered and designed game truck trailer
that carries all of the games needed to ensure your party is a blast, and the best equipment available.

LEVEL UP GAME TRUCK, playing super smash bros, just dance, wii
Little big planet and fortnite at the end
kids having fun playing fortnite on ps4
Level Up at Speedzone
NFL Madden Gameday PS4
Amazing & Fun Festival/Carnival, Mario Kart, NBA 2k, Super Mario Bros, WIi, PS4, Xbox One
Fifa on PS4, Fortnite on PS4
Inside one of Level Up’s Game Truck, Fortnite, Warzone available, ps4, xbox one, many games
Level Up At SpeedZone again, our staff had a blast. Thank You Speedzone
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